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Ricardo FilhoRicardo Filho 

Price Rule CPQ not firing when Evaluation Scope = Configurator

Hi Everyone,
I did a price rule with a lookup object, and this rule fire after the register is save when I click in the button inside the Configure Products Page (SAVE), but I need that's this rule fire inside the page Configure Products before Save, becuse I need that's the user to see the update in real time.

I configured the price rule Evaluation Scope = Configurator, but not fire, it's required save, go back to Edit Quote Page, click in Configure Products again to see the result. The expirience is not good.

What does the price rule do? The price rule get one information of lookup object and update the information in the attribute of product.

I thought in put in a Custom Action "Quick Save" in the  Configure Products Page, but I can not put the button, I do no why.
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Tim Johnson-ReynoldsTim Johnson-Reynolds
Can you put up some screen shots of your price rule and associated condition and action? 
Same issue with Product Rule. Scope is configuration but effect is visibile when we click save button placed on quote line object.!
Amul BaranwalAmul Baranwal
Please see This Video, this will help you.
Ricardo FilhoRicardo Filho
Hi everyone, my alternative was change how I was working with attributes. And changes some they to product option, and work with they inside of quote line.

Unfortunately, I couldn't work how I wolud like. 

Dennis PalmerDennis Palmer
I am also having this problem.  Seems like price rules can not update fields in configurator.  
Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
They can, but you need to have an evaluation event in the configurator - an attribute or an option set to "apply immediately" which triggers rule evaluation (both product and price).
Dennis PalmerDennis Palmer
What about lookup rules?
Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
Lookup rules are either a price or product rule, so they will be fine :)
Dennis PalmerDennis Palmer
Yes of course.  This is a lookup price rule that has an action which sets unit price in the configurator (product option) to a lookup field value.  Lookup query (product option) fields are config attributes set to apply immediately and apply to options.  Option to update unit price is also set to apply immediately.  Price rule does not work.  Cloning the rule and making it a calculator rule instead, works in the line editor.
Dennis PalmerDennis Palmer
The lookup query price rule has lookup queries that reference fields set by config attributes. The config attributes are set to apply immediately and apply to product options. Adding the fields to the option configuration field set on product option puts these fields in the list as columns. I did this so I can see what is going on when a configurator calculate happens. The configuration attribute's "apply to product options" does not happen until save so the lookup price rule on configurator edit does not work because the values are all null.