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"The Requested Resource Does Not Exist" During Flow

A user enters data in a custom object and saves it.  A Business Process (set to run when the custom object is created) triggers a Flow which locates the custom object and puts its fields into Flow variables, creates a Lead from some of the variables, creates a Logged Call Task record from other variables, and creates a different custom object from yet other variables.  It then deletes the original custom record.  

This procedure works perfectly when done as the Sys Admin, but gives me a "The requested resource does not exist." when I try to save the record as a non-admin user.  All of the objects have Read, Edit, and Create permissions for the non-Sys Admin Profile.  The non-Sys Admin Profile has Run Flows permission set and the specific user has Flow User checked.  The original custom object also has Delete permissions.  The non-Sys Admin user is able to enter and save new Leads, Tasks, and the second custom object manually with no problems.  

I'm at my wits end trying to figure out what I could be doing wrong.  Any ideas?
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Lee SauerLee Sauer
As soon as I posted the question, I realized I hadn't tried entering the custom object with the Business Process Inactive (so that the Flow wouldn't be invoked) and had the same problem.

Creation of the record is always invoked by an Action Button that invokes a Global Action.  I went and took a look at my Global Action definition and for the first time noticed that there's a default setting to automatically create a Feed item when the record is created.  My users have deliberately not been given permission to create Chatter.  [Sound of hand slapping forehead]

I unchecked the Create Feed Item  box, turned on the Process Builder item, and everything is working perfectly!

It's a relief (albeit more than a little embarassing) to have solved this.

Actually, throughout my long and checkered career, I've very frequently found that explaining a technical puzzler to a third party will often show you the solution.