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Richard RanieriRichard Ranieri 

Installing Apps and Packages in my Playground

Hello, I'm doing training and trying to finish off the section where I install Aps and Packages in my playground but when I click on the DreamHouse link it brings me to salesforce login.  

When I put in my Trailblazer credentials into SF login, it won't let me sign in.  Do I need to create a login specifically for SF or is there a workaround with Trailblazer?

Hopefully this makes sense :) 

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Richard RanieriRichard Ranieri
Thanks Amit!  It worked.

Have a great day.

Amit SinghAmit Singh
Cheers :) If you do not mind please close the thread by selecting the best answer :) 
Matt McMatt Mc
@Amit Singh - you saved me a whole bunch of headaches as well. Thank you!
Amit SinghAmit Singh
Great to help you :) Cheers :)