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Suzanne LemackSuzanne Lemack 

Is it possible to have a "Save and Submit for Approval" button that will perform both functions?

I have an approval process in place to request an new account.  However this requires that the user save the record, and then click the submit for approval button.  They often forget to click the submit for approval button.  Is it possible to create a button that combines the save and submit for approval functionalities?

Thank you

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Suzanne LemackSuzanne Lemack
ok, thank you.

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Amit SinghAmit Singh
For this, you need to override the New Button of that record using Apex and VF page.

Also,  I would Suggest you to Please redirect your question into Salesforce Developer Forum and Stack Exchange. As this community is based on Configuration and Customization Part.!/feedtype=RECENT&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS&

Suzanne LemackSuzanne Lemack
ok, thank you.
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
I hope you were able to get this resolved.
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Mounica MMounica M
can you please share me the solution for this .