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David LuongDavid Luong 

Tips for keeping Contacts up-to-date?

General question: We have tons of Contacts (many inherited from an older system we use to use), and a lot of the information has become out-of-date as times gone by (i.e. people leaving jobs, changing positions, etc.).

What's the best way to keep Contact information up-to-date? Are there any best practices in weeding out bad information and keeping track of good information?

My initial idea was creating a "Validated Date" field under Contacts, so that everytime a Sales Person contacted a Contact, they would mark that person as validated with the current date. If the Contact no longer works there, then the Contact would be deleted/marked as an ex-employee. My thinking was that the "Validated Date" field would let us keep track of employees still with their company along with dates of last validation. Anybody know of a more efficient way of handling this though? Thanks!
Karthikeyan Thangavel (TK)Karthikeyan Thangavel (TK)
Have you tried the following tool under Contact Home Page?
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Here is a salesforce documention on Stay-In-Touch tool
cindy ouellettecindy ouellette
"Mass stay in touch", I do not see this option, is it still available?