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Joey DavisJoey Davis 

Scheduled Report Run Email Report Per Role

When scheduling a future run for a report and emailing the report out to multiple roles, what would the results look like?  Say me, as the system admin, in the running user for the report and my report has multiple new cases.  The roles that I'm sending the report out to only have access to the cases connected to the accounts in their geographical region of the world.  Would one scheduled report email with all roles needed suffice or would the email expose information not relevant to the role since I'm the running user?  I understand that when the report is opened, the role rescritions will take effect and limit results, but I'm not sure about the email itself.
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Joey, the scheduled report will send all data visible to the running user. Feel free to upvote the following idea: