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Mona VermaMona Verma 

Categorise Note and Attachment in lightning

Hi Friends,
I have a requirement to provide ability to provide a way to categorise notes and attachments on Accounts. Might be adding a picklist to select when adding notes or files (just like 'Pick a Topic' when posting this question) can help but couldn't find a way to add a field though, there is a long pending Idea still under review. Any workarounds??

Mary Ann DavisMary Ann Davis
Hi Mona, 
If you are interested in categorizing attachments related to accounts you should consider transitioning from Notes and Attachments to Salesforce Files. With files you will have more flexibility then notes and attachments, and this will work in Lightning.

First you will have to migrate the data from Attachments to Files, and thankfully there is an app to help with that. Check out Magic Mover for Notes And Attachments to Lightning Experience ( 
Next you'll need to update your Account page layouts to hide the Notes and Attachments and expose Files. Finally, you can add your custom field to the Content Documents object. 
Good luck.  
Mona VermaMona Verma
Thanks Mary for your answer.

Could you please elaborate the last part however, adding fields to Content Documents object and how I can make it available at time of upload to user?
Mary Ann DavisMary Ann Davis
In settings you won't find a "Files" object per se, it is callend Content and includes Content Documents and Content Versions. For step-by-step instructions on how to add fields to content use this knowledge article ( 

Please note, while you can add a categorization picklist value to uploaded Content you unfortunately cannot customize the related list display for files. (Similar to how you cannot edit the related list for Contact Roles, Account Team, Account History, etc.) This means that your users will only see the category when they navigate to the Document Details.  

There is a current IDEA ( requesting ability to customize Files related list that is in a status of "Product Team Review".