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Vickie SmithVickie Smith 

Update Web-to-Lead form

I'm needing to add 2 custom fields created called Type of Group (Picklist) and Other Type of Group (Text) to the Web-to-Lead form from our website. I have added the fields to the Lead and Opportunity objects but I'm not positive how to map it from our website to the lead. I cannot seem to find out how to Edit an existing Web-to-Lead. Just create one. Any help would be appreciated.
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Prashant PandeyPrashant Pandey
Hi Vickie,

You need to create those two field in your web soon as lead get created from website, The lead will create along with two new field.
Vickie SmithVickie Smith
So once it is added the the request form, it will automaticlly map to the correct Lead field? How does it know what fields to add it to?
Raju KonaRaju Kona
@Vickie Smith, 

Try to create another web to lead form with new fields and give this from to your internal web development team and say that add thiese two fields to exsiting form that they have been using in web site. That solves your concerrn. 

Thank you
Prashant PandeyPrashant Pandey
You need to add the field in web to form.then salesforce automatically update the field.

Prashant PandeyPrashant Pandey
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Vickie SmithVickie Smith
Thank you! This was very helpful! Learing something new every minute with Salesforce