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Hunter SabolHunter Sabol 

How do I change the language on Trailhead Exercises?

As part of my onboarding process for new employees, they have to complete the basic SFDC CRM Trailhead. One of my users has the exercises in a different language then the training. How do I fix the language preference for the exercises?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Like this,

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Ian FreimanIan Freiman
Are you talking about in their trailhead playground or on the trailhead website?
Hunter SabolHunter Sabol
In the modules he reads the information and then goes to do the exercises and those are in german.
Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Like this,

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Camila EscobarCamila Escobar
hello, I am getting my trailhead in english but once I go to the actual excercises in playground it is in Spanish. how can I change that?
Adrian RohrbachAdrian Rohrbach
Hi everyone,
same problem, different language.
I have everything set up in German (Trailhead, Playground, etc) and the complete description of a module is in German, but the excercises are still in English, also the pictures. 
So the problem is, when I hit the button to check with the Playground-Org, the system searches for english-named objects and of course finds nothing, because they are created in German, like they are described in the module.. 

Is the only solution doing the excercises in English or am I missing something?
Andrea NardiniAndrea Nardini
Hi everyone, I have same problme, my situation is that I've already set in English but during exercise MyTrailhead playground is always set in italian ... browser is set in English too ... How can be solve it? thanks 
Andrea NardiniAndrea Nardini
It's set in english:Set in English

But TP is in anywhere in Italian ...

Immagine aggiunta dall'utente

I canot contine with Admin beginner module ... :-(
Esther Weyinmi IsackEsther Weyinmi Isack
How to Language in Playground
After you go to the playground App.
1. Click your avatar or profile photo, from the drop-down click setting
2. you will see language and zone on the side menu as shown in the image above. 
3. Change to your prefered language and
4. Click save.
The above step should change your Trailblazer playground language.
NOTE: The above step is for lightening experience version of the playground App.
I hope this is helpful.
Parsa MotamediParsa Motamedi
When I go to the page indicated above, there is no English language option! What can I do?
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Esther Weyinmi IsackEsther Weyinmi Isack
Hello, I don't know if you will get this message. I intend to reply you on the forum but I forgot my password, I have ask for password reset but no response yet from admin. To answer your question: It is strange that there is no English on the list. Try and do this, at the home page - the get started with salesforce platform page, change the language to English. Then log in to the playground and try following the steps again to change the language to English. I hope this helps. Kind Regards,
Parsa MotamediParsa Motamedi
Hello. Thank you for your reply. I was able to find English on the list by creating a new trailblazer playground. Everything is fine now. Thanks again!
Esther Weyinmi IsackEsther Weyinmi Isack
You welcome.
Pedro Paulo Tavares JuniorPedro Paulo Tavares Junior
There is a way to change the language on the trailhead website permanently?
I have changed it using the languge selection, at the botton of the page, and may playground language, but for some reason the trailhead website gets changed back to may original language
Alina KaloAlina Kalo
Hi, can someone help me as well? I have mine in Finnish and I would like to change it to English since I don't speak Finnish. 
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