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Neva tejaNeva teja 


I am planning to give COMMUNITY CLOUD CONSULTANT certification.  can any one help me with the detailed topics which need to be covered other than which are mentioned in study guide.
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Ashutosh TripathiAshutosh Tripathi
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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Neva,

I've almost exclusively used inkling's so-called e-book ( for preparation, plus skimmed salesforceben's materials ( and, who's mock exam does have a couple of questions lifted directly from the real exam. I've passed this exam on first attempt pretty confidently, getting 18% more correct answers than required.
Neva tejaNeva teja
Thanks all for the help
Eric van HorssenEric van Horssen
inkling's ebook is replaced with:
Since Community Cloud Consultant, is an optional certification for the Application Architect cert, there is an architect resource guide:

Or direct link:
Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
@Gopal, providing "dumps" is a violation of your agreement with Salesforce, you can be stripped of all earned certificates and banned from acquiring new ones.
Following are the additional topics that one should have a detailed understanding apart from the ones mentioned in certification guide.
  • License+Edition : Performance/Community ; Enterprise/ Community Plus : Which combination allows external user to login?
  • Lightning Bolt : How to make one community( in one language) from other( other language) using bolt?
  • Branding(2/3)- HEX/Logo/CSS : which is best way?
  • Articles & Knowledge (2/3)(Public Channel) : allow public access without login
  • Gamification : Reputation
  • Moderation Rule- who/what can flag/ permissions required
  • Sharing Set : scenario/ which license
  • Custom DNS/domain :
  • Tracking Community
  • Custom account portal
  • Super user
  • Community  user creation in bulk way
  • Self-registration
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