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Mike McNeeleyMike McNeeley 

How to get Configuration Attribute value in Price Rule Lookup Query?

My requirement is that I need a Configuration Attribute value (software tier selection) to feed into a Price Rule Lookup Query against our pricing custom object.

I've set up twin fields on the Quote Line & Product Option objects for the target field of the Configuration Attribute. To confirm some other relevant setup details:
  • Price Rule: Evaluation Scope = Configurator
  • Price Rule: Configuration Evaluation Event = Edit
  • Configuration Attribute: Apply Immediately = True
  • Configuration Attribute: Apply to Product Options = True
I've tested the Price Rule otherwise (the other Lookup Queries based on Quote fields work as expected) and when this particular one is set as static with a sample Config Attribute value, it works as expected.

I've set up a debug log to view the query it's generating and it just ignores the Lookup Query based on the Configuration Attribute (whether it's the twin field based on Object = Product Option OR Quote Line).

I'm at a loss...any help would be appreciated!
EdEd ( 
Hi Mike,

It it possibly an issue with the order of execution between the cpq actions/automations?