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Dan GodwinDan Godwin 

Sharepoint Online - Can't access external source - External data source is unavailable because of an error.


I am trying to connect my Salesforce Org to Sharepoint Online (Office 365) I have followed the instruction for OpenId thru Azure (Winter 17) and I have manged to Aurtorise the External Data Source.

The issue I have is when I click on the Sharepoint Link on the files page I get the following error.

File Connect Error 1Or if I validate & sync the External Data Source I get the following error.
EDSValidate errorCan anyone help?


Jeff MayJeff May
Here is the H&T link with details about using External Data Sources:
Dan GodwinDan Godwin
Thanks Jeff, thanks for the link. These were instructions I followed so not sure where I went wrong. 

The Azure and Salesforce Auth Provide setup seems fine as I can authenticate. 

A note for other users I had to change the following in


Authorize Endpoint URL—Enter the URL as follows:​


Authorize Endpoint URL—Enter the URL as follows:​resource=
Angus HamiltonAngus Hamilton
Hi there

I'm encountering the same error - did you resolve this?


Dan GodwinDan Godwin

Hi Angus,

I don't have an answer yet, I am currently working with Helpdesk to resolve.

I will provide an update once I have resolved the issue.


Andy MilkovicAndy Milkovic
Did you figure this one out by chance? I am getting the same error. I'm thinking it's more on the Sharepoint side though.
Veerle RuttenVeerle Rutten
Have you been able to solve this? We have the same issue.
Archived AccountArchived Account
Has anyone found a resolution here? I am getting the exact same error. Trying to figure out if it's on the Sharepoint or Salesforce side? 
Faizan BashirFaizan Bashir
i am facing the same issues , please share if some one have solution.
Andy MilkovicAndy Milkovic
This is still an open issue. Salesforce support provided no help so we had to figure out a workaround. Maybe someone with a higher support plan than me can figure it out for the rest of us who are on a budget :D
Phani YalamatiPhani Yalamati
I am running into the same issue, did anyone get this resolved or have a workaround?
Scott OhlundScott Ohlund
I am running into the same issue. Did anyone get this resolved? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
Rich AngelilloRich Angelillo
Same issue here. Has this been resolved?
Ricky CrabtreeRicky Crabtree
Here's another user with the same problem.  My corporate IT has assisted in setting up the Files Connect Data Source successfully, but we're receiving the same error when accessing the link via Files.
Julie SteinloskiJulie Steinloski
I reposted this question to hopefully find an answer.!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=Collaboration&criteria=OPENQUESTIONS&id=9063A000000a6OmQAI if you're interested.
Ana NetoAna Neto
Salesforce has a "Common errors with Files Connect Office 365" page to try and help users. Still, besides the error “Can’t access external source – External data source is unavailable because of an error”, you sometimes get an even worse “An unknown error occurred while accessing Files Connect”. If you are trying to get your code to work, it does not get any worse that getting an unknown error!… When you see this, you know it is time to look for an alternative.

I personally would recommend using a 3rd party tool called Document Extractor to handle the SharePoint integration. As it guarantees forward compatibility with future versions, I think it is a good bet. You can find it in AppExchange and there is an article on it here
Julie SteinloskiJulie Steinloski
I found this excellent video and I got where I needed to go. (" style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline) .