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Jaime BlalockJaime Blalock 

Prospects in more than one campaign in Pardot

Hello! We are just implementing and setting up Pardot for our organization and I think because I have been a Salesforce admin for so long its hard for me to think about how campaigns will work in Pardot. I kno[w in Salesforce a lead or contact can belong to more than one campaign so I assume the same is true for Pardot. So if this is the case is all of the propects activity collected from all the campaigns or is the prospects actvity only apparent in each seperate campaign? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Chris GardnerChris Gardner
Standard Pardot campaigns work differently than Salesforce. A prospect can only be a member of a single campaign at a time. The way most people use Pardot campaigns is as a first-touch attribution. For more accurate multi-touch attribution, I use completion actions to add prospects to Salesforce campaigns. The flexibility and reporting available in Salesforce works better for our business.

All prospect activity is tracked on the prospect's record, which is tied to the Pardot campaign. But their score and activity is really tied to their record directly. You see all page visits, email opens, clicks, etc. on their record.

Hopefully that makes sense. Feel free to respond with any additional questions.