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Katie CousinsKatie Cousins 

Email link redirects not working in Chrome?

I clicked on several links in an email that went out this morning to our subscribers via Pardot, and none of the links are opening in Chrome. It opens in a blank page. It's like it's stuck on the Pardot tracking URL.

I have tried clearing my cache and re-booting the browser, but get the same result. I am not having this issue on Safari. I also noticed this issue in an auto-responder email that went out yesterday, so it is not email-specific.  Is this a known issue? 

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Aaron PrattAaron Pratt
You can view any known issues at  I was just able to view the landing page by putting in the redirect link ( It took me to )  Is it possible that it may be some sort of restriction on your internal network? Or a temporary hiccup that's cleared up by restarting your computer and/or clearing your cookies?