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Steven BateSteven Bate 

How do I create a Contact Record from an email in Saleforce Inbox for Gmail?

Good day. I am a new Salesforce client/user that has come from a competitive product with a previous company. The learning curve is greater than expected, but we can simply call it "change".

With "Salesforce Inbox" fro GMAIL installed, I see the Salesforce Inbox tools on the right. Every video and example I have found the email contact is always already in Salesforce and it is simply a matter of adding an opportunity, taste, etc.

However, I am trying to add a brand new contact from an email in Gmail's Inbox. The email from the new contact is opened, Salesforce Inbox parses out the "Profile" information to the right... GREAT!

User-added image

However, there seems no way to add the contact information as a new contact (and company) which Salesforce has parsed from the email.

With the email open, I click on "Records" and I am then presented with the option to Create New Record --> Contact... but all the fields are BLANK! (See below)

The pick list has two options "NOT FOUND IN SALESFORCE" and the name/contact email for the new contact. If I do choose the name/email for the new contact, the remainder of the fields remain blank.

What am I missing here? 

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Shakti SinghShakti Singh
Hi Steven,

This is working as designed. Now, with the new Inbox feature release, when users go to create a record in Inbox desktop clients, Inbox will show all page layout fields instead of just required fields. So you can fill the other fields as per your need or leave them empty. However, you still need to fill the required fields that do not have any data.

Or you can turn on "Display require fields only", that will take away all the fields leaving only the required fields.

Steven BateSteven Bate
Thanks, but the problem is, there are no fields at all pre-populated despite Saleforce Inbox having already passed and know some of the information. Why do we have to manually input data that was already identified when creating a new contact record?
Shakti SinghShakti Singh
Hope this helps:
Tom WilliamsTom Williams
This may be "working as designed" but it's an incredibly frustrating design. It makes no sense that Salesforce can detect all that information about a contact based on the email address but won't simply transfer it into the new Contact fields.
Cameron PlatoCameron Plato
I agree!  These "extra steps" lead to users just simply not adding contacts.  VERY FRUSTRATING.
Kevin WoodardKevin Woodard
I agree. Seems like a pretty obvious piece of functionality that was overlooked.
Brian McLoughlinBrian McLoughlin
How is this not addressed yet.  I click on the profile at the left of the email and the entire profile is populated - first name, last name, company, email, etc.  I now want ALL of that info to go into a contact, but there is no way to do this.  Is that possible?
Garlin SmithGarlin Smith
I was so glad to find this question being asked...but am stunned that there is no solution? As everyone has mentioend, the new contact's info has been populated, but we are unable to transfer when we create new record? I was using another CRM tool (Copper) which was so intuitive and had this solved, as well as adding all solcial media links of new contact. Very surprised SF doesn't have this solved.
Charlie BuckleyCharlie Buckley
Add me to the list of people requesting this. I'm in GMAIL, with Salesforce Inbox plugin. I click an email. See the people from the email in the SF inbox plugin. There is a little triangle beside the name. It has an option "new record". When you click it, not only its empty- not autofilled with the info it already knows about - but I can't even save any record that I manually type the info into. :(
Marvin GouwMarvin Gouw
Yes the solution provided is useless, not even reading what the OP is saying. Is this an outlook problem too or Mobile integration problem? I'm running the Gmail Chrome extension on gsuite
Suphi CankurtSuphi Cankurt
even the most basic CRM solutions have better plugins to add contact with automatic filling.
There is no point to use the plugin at the moment. (no added value)