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Abdul salamAbdul salam 

Salesforce Licence vs Platform Licence

Can a user with a salesforce licence view a dashboards wihen the running user has a platform licence?
Sonika TomarSonika Tomar
Hi Abdul,

Salesforce licenses are designed for users who require full access to standard CRM and AppExchange apps. CRM apps are anything that requires access to Standard Objects like...

Salesforce Platform licenses are designed for users who only need access to custom apps, and NOT the standard CRM functionality. Salesforce Platform users DO have access to the "core" Salesforce Standard Objects and functionality, like...
Custom Tabs

So, if a user only needs to access custom or AppExchange apps, it's OK to assign them a Salesforce Platform license. On the other hand, if a user needs access to any CRM functionality (eg Sales or Service Cloud), they must be assigned a Salesforce license.
Sonika TomarSonika Tomar
differences in licence and licence (
Sunil ShahSunil Shah
Thanks Bhavna Banodha and Sonika Tomar :)
Jim HouseJim House
I found a post from 2009 stating that the Case object is not accessible using the Platform license. Do you know if this is still true?
Randi ThompsonRandi Thompson
Hi Jim, not sure if you've already gotten an answer, but the Case object IS accessible to Platform licenses ONLY IF you are using Cases for internal cases (or are leveeging the Case object for some other internal business process) and not for customer cases (like email to case or web to case or Live Agent, etc). There's a set of things you have to do to open the Case object up to Platform users. I have a blog post with step by step instructions if you need it. Let me know!
Holly HuntleyHolly Huntley
I would love your blog post, Randi! We are just looking at internal cases for Platform users.
Phyllis LyPhyllis Ly
Hi Randi - I'd love to read that blog post as well. I'm not getting the answers I need and feel stuck, thank you!
Jim HouseJim House
Randi - Please share your blog post. Thank you.
Holly HuntleyHolly Huntley
Hi All - I was able to get some additional information that allowed us to enable cases for our platform licensed users:

 After assigning the user with the platform license you then have to go in and also assign them the Company Community for permission set license and THEN create a permission set that is not assigned to the platform license that includes cases and assign that to the user as well.

We were missing the last step which had us blocked. If that's where you are stuck, hopefully this helps!
Randi ThompsonRandi Thompson
Hey all! I'm having some issues with the screen shots showing up on my website, so I'll DM each of you with the Word doc instructions, as Answers does not allow me to attach a document. Holly, sounds like you're good to go - do you still want the instructions?
Sushma MandavaSushma Mandava
Hi Randi,
Could you please also share the instructions with me? We are trying to set up some users with platform license and they will need access to the Cases.
Thank you in advance
Yvonne HaYvonne Ha
Hi Randi, could you please share your instructions with me as well? Like Sushma, our company is trying to set up some users with the platform license but we were there will be no access to cases. 
Thank you :)
Durlabh MadanDurlabh Madan
Hi Randi,

Could you please share the instructions with me ? Our company wants to give access to Cases object to users on Salesforce Platform licenses.

Thank you in advance
Jason ChenJason Chen
Hi Randi, Could you share your Word doc instruction with me as well?  Thank you.
Litify ServicesLitify Services
Hi Randi, I would love to see your instructions as well, if you don't mind.  Thank you!!
Barbara AlbersBarbara Albers
All...I was able to assign cases to platform users.  And these users are able to see external cases.
Cases can be made available to Salesforce Platform License via Permission Sets. Try the steps below:
1. Go to the User record and Select Permission Set License Assignments -> enable Company Community for check box and save.
2. Create new Permission Set with the Company Community for license
3. Edit your newly created permission set to show Cases.  Under Object Settings -> Cases-> Tab Setting -> check "Available" & "Visible".  Under Object Settings -> Cases -> Object Permissions -> check CRED and Save
4. Go back to the user and Select Assign Permission Set Assignment -> add newly created permission set

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Tom BrownTom Brown
@ Randi - Can you please send your work around for this? I am very curious and would very much apprecaite it!
Aurora TerryAurora Terry
Yes, a user with a Salesforce license can view a dashboard if the running user has a Salesforce Platform License.
If the dashboard is dynamic the only way for the platform user to be able to view it is if the creator of the dashboard has a Platform license; meaning that if your Sys Admin (w/ Salesforce License) creates a Dynamic dashboard, the platform users will not be able to utilize this dynamic dashboard. Hope this clarifies! 
Ferddus HumayonFerddus Humayon
Hi Randi,
Would love to see your blog post. Please can you provide a link. Thanks!
Randi ThompsonRandi Thompson
Ferrdus, I posted the doc to your profile. :)
Jonathan BoatwrightJonathan Boatwright
Randi - can you please share your blog post? 
Eric LuuEric Luu
Could someone share Randi's blog post ? 
shefali vermashefali verma
@Randi Hi.Could you please share the instructions with me as well? Also, what is the link to your blog post please?
Thanks in advance!
Stephen PysnikStephen Pysnik
@Randi I would also love your instructions for this. Thanks so much!
Verena ThemsenVerena Themsen
@Randi or anyone who got the instruction - could I also get it? Thank you!
Does it exceed what Holly and Barbara wrote?
Fiona Lake WaslanderFiona Lake Waslander
@Randi - Looks like you've been asked this a dozen times, but I would tremendously love to get those instructions as well!  Thank you!
Joshua DaviesJoshua Davies
@Randi Same Here, Please! Thanks!
Randi ThompsonRandi Thompson
Oh my gosh! SO SORRY for the delay everyone! I don't get the opportunity to come here very often any more. For those of you that have posted and for those that come after, please feel free to message me directly with your request and include your email address. I'll email you the PDF guide. I had no idea there was so much demand!