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Matt WillMatt Will 

Getting a "Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria" when updating a TEXT field in sandbox. Why?

I'm using data loader to update the Name field on a custom object.  It's set as a text object with character limit of 80 characters.  The new names are no where near this length.

Of the 5099 records I have to update I tested in a partial sandbox, 492 created the error "Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria."

What is causing this?

The records do allow for parent records, but the error message is not consistent to only the child records.  There are instances where the parent name field update/did not, and the child name updated/did not.

There are no validation rules on the field.

Any ideas?
Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Matt,
Have you seen this This error is caused by a lookup filter, and it even can be a filter on the related object, not the object you are updating.
Matt WillMatt Will
Not sure I understand how this relates.  My error is occurring on a text field.  Not a lookup relationship or picklist.

Again, I expected this have something to do with the parent/child record relationship happening in the same object, but the error is inconsistent in its application in those instances.
Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Matt, even if your update literally consists of only one text field, the process of updating a record still involves saving the record, and saving the record wouldn't work if there is a lookup value (already in place) which contradicts the lookup filter - it would throw the same error you are getting. Since you're saying this is a sandbox, maybe there are some lookup filters with hardcoded values that are not relevant for the sandbox, only for production.
Peter JaenickePeter Jaenicke
Ok - why why why can't Salesforce at least provide detail regarding the offending field in the error message?  Debug logs show nothing even on the "finest" setting.  Guess I'll head over to the ideas exchange.
Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Peter,
My guess would be because they don't expect you to cancel your subscription due to something like this. And even if you do cancel, they probably wouldn't care that much. #Einstein
Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes... ^_^
Geoffrey DavenportGeoffrey Davenport
This error message can be customized in the configuration of each lookup filter.  I was running into the same problem, but went through and edited the error messages to be more specific, and was able to isolate the offending filter.  I don't have any idea why it was blocking my data loader update, but that's another issue entirely.  I turned it off temporarily to get the data uploaded. 
Justin SchwedaJustin Schweda
If you look at the error file and pull up one of the accounts from the file in Salesforce and then edit the account and save.  You will get the error and it will show you the offending field.