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Sai AKhilSai AKhil 

Apex CPU limit

Hi All
Just a small doubt
For example i written a trigger to perform an update and i loaded 100 records using data loader then, only one DML statement will be fired as it is bulk apex
But if the same update i did it in process builder, will it be one DML statement or 100 DML statements?
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Sai,

Flows (and by extension processes) have an internal bulkification mechanism. This means they bulkify to run in as few transactions as possible. In this particular case, assuming all processes make the same kind of update, then it will be bulkified into a single DML.

If the updates are different, for example one process creates a new task record and another one creates an opportunity, then those two obviously have to be split into different DMLs.