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Rohit ShettyRohit Shetty 

Getting an error on Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow

It says Looks like there was a problem and can't finish the setup. I've given it time and also searched to make sure that I have chat enabled for the user(me) I'm selecting. Cannot find a resolution.

Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow
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George Heng Hua LiangGeorge Heng Hua Liang
If you have Premier Support, I think pursuing that path is more likely to get a resolution here because the error message doesn't tell you much. If not, the standard protocol that works 50% of the time is refresh cache, clear cookies, and make sure you are using Chrome.
Ronald DefeoRonald Defeo
Are you trying to set up a new or editing an existing one? I've seen that error when a colleague is setting up another configuration but using the same channel (FB).