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Ben HillBen Hill 

Lightning Console links opening in new browser tab

Hey all! Just wanted to check and see if anyone has had any users reporting a particular issue with Lightning console in Salesforce? Our instance here went live with Spring '20 this past weekend, and since then I've had a couple of users who are clicking case numbers in their service console, and instead of opening up in one of the console tabs, it's opening up in a whole new Chrome browser tab. It started at once or twice a day but is increasing as time goes on. Only affecting those 2 users from what I can tell. I've dumped their caches, made sure they were up-to-date on their browser version, checked all their settings and browser extensions (one user has no browser extensions to speak of),  everything I can think of. Didn't see anything yet here in the Trailblazer community, just wondered if you all had had any complaints coming from users there or if this is isolated to my group. I'm not even sure if this is a Salesforce issue or a browser/machine issue.
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Ben HillBen Hill
Thank you for your update Timber. I received a response from Salesforce Support today too, asking if we were still experiencing any issues. My users haven't had any issues since this past weekend, which coincides with a patch update that Salesforce said they released over the past weekend. I think we're in the clear now! (Fingers Crossed)

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Tim SpradauTim Spradau
Hi Ben- I have a handful of users experiencing the same issue since our update this past weekend. The new browser tab causes Omni disconnects and chat disconnects.
Judy TangJudy Tang
Ben, our spring release just got release last night, and we are seeing this too!!!  it is having disruption to our Omni as well!  we need a fix!!!
Ben HillBen Hill
Thanks for the feedback Tim & Judy!
Tim SpradauTim Spradau
I just raised a case with SFDC support - I'll let you know what they say...
Judy TangJudy Tang
I logged a case 2 days ago.  i got another call today.  they haven't escalated my case yet.  they are asking if i can reproduce, and since its sporadic, i can't.  : (  but its a big enough issue that people are complaining alot.  and some say it happens when they click on a case in their bucket in "My Open Cases" queue view.
Ben HillBen Hill
That's the same thing my users are seeing Judy, they click on a case in a console layout and instead of opening the case up in a console tab, it opens the whole console again in a new browser tab, including all the open console tabs from the previous window. And you're right, how are you supposed to duplicate it when it's completely random/unpredictable?

Hopefully Salesforce is getting enough tickets they'll realize it's an issue soon and log it as a Known Issue here. And maybe that will escalate it for getting a quicker fix too. #fingerscrossed
Kelsey CulverKelsey Culver
We are also having this issue. Does anyone know if this is something that Salesforce is going to report as a Spring 20 bug? This would allow others to report if this issue affects them. 
Ben HillBen Hill

As of right now, I don't see it as being listed as a Known Issue, but there are other related issues popping up related to Salesforce behavior with Chrome 80:

One in particular that stands out for me is one that describes an issue of tabs disappearing from the service console. It talks about enabling an experimental feature, but not sure if that would help with the tabs opening up in new browser windows or not:

Right now ours is more of an annoyance than a hinderance, so probably not going to try enabling at this point, we'll just wait for something more concrete to come about. 
John GunnipJohn Gunnip
This is happening for our service desk staff in both chrome and Firefox.  It started intermittently the day after the Spring 20 release, but has since been affecting all cases.
Elana SchlossbergElana Schlossberg
We are also running into this. The only solution so far has been to have the user's press Ctrl + F5, which will provide temporary relief.  I am awaiting end-users to provide me a video walkthrough so I can pass it along to SalesForce as I have not ran into this issue myself. We are using google chrome 80
Ben HillBen Hill

Sounds like the same as ours, and yes, refreshing the browser does seem to temporarily fix the issue, but the frequency seems to be increasing now. My user that first reported the issue said it's happened more than 10x to him today, when it was originally 2-3x. We're going to attempt to capture it happening by taking a long recording of him working and trimming the video down if we catch it. This way we have something to send to Salesforce finally since it's been completely random and unreproduceable so far.
Elana SchlossbergElana Schlossberg
Thanks Ben, are you users also having an issue with the case feed? Some of our users are running into an issue where the case feed is not loading the full history, seems to be capping out at 4 items and once they Ctrl + F5 they can load the full history from weeks/months ago.  Changing the filters from Most Recent to Latest does not seem to resolve the issue either. 
Judy TangJudy Tang
the support agent at salesforce told us to try these things....but i haven't been able to find an agent today to try these steps yet: 

1.  In your chrome, paste this link in the URL:

2. Look for these 2 settings and disable them:
SameSite by default cookies
Cookies without SameSite must be secure

3. The moment you disabled them, it will ask you to relaunch Chrome , just relaunch it and check if the issue is still happening or not.
Ben HillBen Hill

My users haven't been having the issue with the case feed that I'm aware of.

Judy, that makes sense, since those features would disable the major changes that Chrome 80 brought about. Thanks for the info.
Cole PratoCole Prato
I am having one of my users's that was reporting the issue a couple of time today testing those settings out.
Tim SpradauTim Spradau
I had one affected agent complete the suggested browser settings yesterday and the same happened to her again this morning :/
She was looking at a list view of Open Cases, clicked on a case to look at it and Salesforce popped up a new tab in Chrome, logged her out of Omni-channel in the original browser tab and logged her into Omni-channel in the new tab and started to send her new work even though she was at 100% capacity.
Judy TangJudy Tang
Salesforce support asked us to try Incognito window. but it is still happening randomly.  Have most of you created a case with Salesforce? I'm surprised they still have not acknowledged this as a Known Issue.
Ben HillBen Hill
We don't have a case open yet with Support Judy, but I did have the users change the SameSite settings in chrome://flags/, and it hasn't fixed the issue on our end. We're still attempting to screen capture the issue before submitting an issue. Would anyone like to post their case numbers with Support so I can reference all of them together along with this chain when I submit the ticket? Hopefully it will show a scale to the issue with that information.
Jeremy YorkJeremy York
Helo, I have case 25701242 opened regarding this and have tried all of the above which has not fixed it. 
John GunnipJohn Gunnip
We had a screenshare meeting today with a SF Support agent where he actually reproduced this issue on his own PC (in Chrome) while logged in under one of our user's SF account!  He's going to raise it to Senior Support, as it is reproducible, but inconsistent.  
Ben HillBen Hill
That's great news John, thank you for sharing! Maybe now it will get logged as a Known Issue and be escalated for a quicker resolution.
Elana SchlossbergElana Schlossberg
Thank you John! Please keep us posted on what you learn, I was able to get a video recording for a user this morning, so I submitted a ticket earlier today, have yet to have heard from anyone at SF yet. 
Ben HillBen Hill
Hi John & Elana, are either or both of you willing to share your Salesforce Support case numbers? I also captured a video and would like to submit it as a case, and might help them to group together.
Tim SpradauTim Spradau
I've had a case open with SFDC support on this issue since Monday the 17th - Case number 25673347

They are asking for a GTM session with an affected user in order to replicate the issue. Hopefully, if we reference the other open cases one example can assist everyone.
Judy TangJudy Tang
That is great news John to hear you got your Salesforce person to recreate!  here is my case number: 25665460
Ben HillBen Hill
I submitted my own case this evening, #25704880, in which I provided all of the case numbers you folks so kindly provided, as well as a link to this Trailblazer post, and a video captured from my user experiencing the browser tab issue. Hopefully it will add to the efforts already present to escalate this issue to a higher level. Thanks for all your input everyone, keep us up to date on the status of your tickets or new developments!
Judy TangJudy Tang
our users have omni and talkdesk phone on at all times.  Salesforce is asking us to try turning one off to see if its related to one of the two.  but we can't have both turned off , unless we know we can recreate the issue instantly.  they mentioned the other customers who have cases open all have Omni and Phone on.  Does anyone have this issue where they dont have Omni or Phone widgets on for the agents when this issue happens?
Jamie FriedtJamie Friedt
Judy, it happened to me yesterday without having Omni or Phone on
Elana SchlossbergElana Schlossberg
We also do not have Omni or phone on and are receiving this.  My case number is 25697203
Jill KnudsonJill Knudson
support helped us with this fix:
suggest that you need to use and download the Lightning Extension ( for Chrome browser and enable the link grabber.  So far we do not have new browsers opening up.  remember to enable the link grabber.  
Judy TangJudy Tang
hi.  we knew about this extension a few weeks ago. however, i do not want Salesforce to close these cases saying the extension fixes this issue.  We did not want to add on more extensions to our Chrome browser if we don't have to.  more extensions makes Lightning slower and it is already really slow for us.  this issue should be fixed in Salesforce itself.
Jill KnudsonJill Knudson
Judy, totally agree on both of your comments. But i could not have the support reps kicked out of Omni every case so it takes that issue off the board for now.  I hope to hear of a real fix too so will continue to follow.
Timber FontijnTimber Fontijn
Hi Ben,
Some of our users had this issue as well. I reported as a bug caused by Spring 20 release.

Though as of last Saturday, nobody experienced this issue anymore. I left the case open until yesterday, but it didn't reoccur.
SF support did point me to a similar issue that was fixed:
Ben HillBen Hill
Thank you for your update Timber. I received a response from Salesforce Support today too, asking if we were still experiencing any issues. My users haven't had any issues since this past weekend, which coincides with a patch update that Salesforce said they released over the past weekend. I think we're in the clear now! (Fingers Crossed)
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