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How to see entitlements as a list in Customer Community?

Hi Trailblazers!
We're setting up a new Customer Community using the Customer Service model, and we need the ability for users to raise cases against Entitlements - this is something we currently do using VisualForce in our old Portal. 

My thought would have been to create a new object page for 'Entitltments', which having done, I would then use the 'Record List' component and create a Quick Action against each line, but I'm unable to select 'Entitlements' as an option for the Record List.
Missing Entitlements object

Many of our customers have multiple Entitltements, but at the moment, we've hit a brick wall. 

Am I missing something totally obvious?!
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Thomas JoyThomas Joy
From SFDC Support: 

Thank you for your time. As discussed, Entitlement is not yet supported in Napili Template Community. I have verified in my demo org and you should be able to add Entitlement Tab when using Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Template in your Community.

Please see article below for list of Objects supported in Napili Template for reference:

No ETA yet when Entitlement will be available or supported in Napili Template however our R&D Team will be considering this and hopefully get implemented in the coming releases.