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Dennis WarnerDennis Warner 

Why is support so terrible?

I've been a SF customer for over a year and a half.  I call in to log my FIRST support ticket and it has been a non-stop mess.  Why does it have to be so terrible?

The reps are very hard to understand (accents), then they act like they understand your issue and then argue about it.  The phone menu mazes are a joke, corporate has no real number, the account rep is bsaically useless after he takes your money.  

Prior to this experience, I had nothing but good to say about SF.  Now, its the exact opposite.  
Jeff MayJeff May
You will likely have better luck logging a Support Case using the Help & Training link from within your org.  That allows you to find help material related to your issue, and if nothing resolves your problem, let's you create a Case that gets routed to an appropriate support rep.

Short of that, there is always this Success Community with people from all backgrounds willing to try to help resolve your issue (or help confirm that it is something you need Salesforce Support assistance for)
Dennis WarnerDennis Warner
I've tried that.  I've had 2 seperate calls scheduled with the support rep, but both times they failed to call me.

Dennis WarnerDennis Warner
Finally spoke with a tech who basically told me that even though my issue is known (for over a year) it is not important enough to be fixed.  He gave me a 'workaround' that doesn't work around our problem.  He basically told me all he could do is provide feedback and let them (who? devs?) know.

Honest question.  How did this company become so successful?
Jeff MayJeff May
They provide the core functionality and enabled a massive ecosystem to evolve around them.  As one example, that's what this Community does.  Care to try your problem out on us to see if any of the Community members has a workable solution for you?
Dennis WarnerDennis Warner
This issue is with the 10+ year old implementation SF uses to generate Excel exports.  They're using linked workbook framesets, instead of native excel files.  Our problem is going from a salesforce export, to another system to import.  The data is not in the file, it is linked back to a worksheet contained on salesforce.com.  

Excel exports are not what they appear to be...
Lee WilliamsLee Williams
Hey, you're not alone, Dennis.  After shelling out a LOT of money, we couldn't be more unhappy.  We even brought on a consultant and they've done a great job but the Salesforce support is really terrible. Oh! And we purchased PREMIUM SUPPORT!  I wish we had never purchased Salesforce. While Salesforce may be a technological giant, they could learn some things regarding customer support. Now we've got to figure out how to get out of this mess.  Obviously the sales and marketing folks don't have the same perspective as the operational folks.
Alex ZAlex Z

Unfortunately, my experience working with support as an ISV partner has been a challenge, too.

The support team seem to be measure on SLA responses, so they usually just 'touch' a case with a 'I will provide an update when I have it message' and do absolutely nothing beyond it.