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Jashwanth KurugundlaJashwanth Kurugundla 

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 tips

Hi guys, I am preparing for the Platform developer 1 certification from today, I am new to this platform and not completed any certifications yet, I am preparing for DEV401 certification from 2Months and then i listened about it's removal from certifications. Can you guys help me to prepare for this Platform Developer1 certification.

I have Leanred materials like salesforce workbook, Apex Academy David Liu's Plurasight Courses and practiced the projects like Recruiting app and implemented in own trail project.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
Ruindash TribalRuindash Tribal
Just completed  platform dev I certification at October'16, contact this email for the dumps:
Paramesh RParamesh R
Hi Everybody, I have latest dump for Platform Developer 1 SU'17. I cleared an exam today morning and i get scored with 80%. If anybody interested let me contact
Tharun GeminiTharun Gemini
Hi, I just completed platform developer 1 certification. Anyone need dump pls contact this mail
Sankalpa GarudSankalpa Garud
My request to readers kindly dont fall a trap of dumps but be in search of tips and knowledge gain , you never know joining hands with those offering dumps on success community might invite a potential cyber threat in your life please avoid reading such stuff and those who offer dupms are charging for 10$
Faraz AkhtarFaraz Akhtar
Please mail me Developer1 Dums on

Thanks in advance.
Anu MAnu M
Any Idea, whether the dumps has changed if we appear for PD1 after Nov 17th? i mean WI18?
Bushra SalmanBushra Salman 

this might be helpful
Sailaja VeeturiSailaja Veeturi
Hi, I am preparing for salesforce PD exam.. could any one of you please help me out by sending which areas to be more focussed and could you please send me dumps. My id:
pungpong ppipattanasakulwongpungpong ppipattanasakulwong
I no einglish
ram madhatiram madhati

I am looking forward to take platform developer 1 certfication. Can any one help me with the dumps and notes for platform developer 1 certfication. Would be a great help!.

Please email me at

Thanks a lot in advance 
cloud sfdccloud sfdc
If any require guidence & help for clearing PD I exam then please feel free to mail me on
Sasi SSasi S
Ping here for sp2018 pd1 doubts
Edro StraponEdro Strapon
I have got  PD1 SP18  april dumps
Developer SalesforceDeveloper Salesforce
Absolutely free:
Contact me for Spring 18 latest dmps:
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Flagged spammers
disclosing and or suing exams information has serious consecuences
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Ashish, I can see you are blasting to multiple threads on this
I have reported your profile and comment (
Disclosure/use of exam info has serious consequences
eitherway real knowledge is what matters, cheating in an exam does not do you any good
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Sagar I have reported you to Salesforce security team as you are attempting fraud, is a breach of certs T&Cs and has serious consequences
reethu shivannareethu shivanna
I have cleared my exams in January 2019 and i prepared in 3 weeks ,this is how i prepared for the exam :
-> Go through the latest exam guide thoroughly
-> dint go through all the trailhead ,but covered important topics - Formulas ,process automation ,salesforce security
-> the best resources that helped me practice for exams :
  1. - dont rely on the answers
  3. [i bought the course which has 4 practice exams & also questions by topic]
Hope this information is useful
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Anyone looking for exam info go to there is the hub to learn all salesforce, within the tab credentials you can focus in the one that most interest you. 
Memorising doesnt do much, learn the concepts and practice practice practice.
The certifications are just a proof that one already has the knowledge and experience.
Ajinkya DhasAjinkya Dhas
Prepare for Salesforce Platform Developer 1 ☁️⚡ with these questions :
(Learn. Help. Share.)
Ines GarciaInes Garcia
I will tent to disagree, memorising things doesnt help anyone. Exposing or using exam data has serious consequences
Specially as with trailhead there is no excuse, even the maintenance ones are now well digested for anyone that completes the module to pass. LEARN guys, dont cheat. That makes the difference.