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Theo RandTheo Rand 

Moving toward Lightning Adoption: Salesforce Classic "end of life"?

Adoption strategies toward Lightning interface would be expedited if I were able to communicate clearly what the sunsetting/end-of-life roadmap is for Salesforce Classic. I'm compiling info from Google searches, but really interested to hear if anyone can point me to definitive info on:
  1. Official slowing or stoppage of new Salesforce Classic platform upgrades and enhancements
  2. Specific info indicating Company's formal strategy to abandon Classic and migrate all instances to Lightning only. 
  3. Timeline
Anything else that could facilitate my own adoption strategy. What I get from some users is, "If it ain't broke..."

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Jeff MayJeff May
Salesforce has been very clear that all new features are being built for lightning.

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Jeff MayJeff May
Salesforce has not announced an end-of-life for Classic, and I suspect it is a long way away.  The motivation for migrating to Lightning should be about using the functionality available in Lightning.   There are a ton of features that are only Lightning features, and will not be available in Classic.  
Theo RandTheo Rand
How about the issue of whether Salesforce Classic will continue to see releases that are on par with what we've seen in the past -- or will the seasonal releases be focussed on enhancements to Lightning? Or both.
Jeff MayJeff May
Salesforce has been very clear that all new features are being built for lightning.
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Dave SchaferDave Schafer
There are stil many features that are not available in Lightning. This makes administration via Lightning frustrating since you have to keep switching between presentation.  It would be nice to have a roadmap of when exisitng features will migrate to Lightning.
Jerry PullinsJerry Pullins
Lightening has been so frustrating. We finally learned how to toggle back to classic and did so immedialty. Lightening makes it so so so hard to create and monitor taks and previous tasks when compared to the classic view. Our sales team literally stopped using salesforce when we activated lightening.
Jeff MayJeff May
There is definitely a configuration curve that Admins have to cross over before they can fully configure Lightning for users. The UI is definitely slower than Classic, but when optimally configured (which is far from easy, especally for us old-timer Classic Admins who have to learn everything all over again), you don't need as many page refreshes.
Varsha VenkateshVarsha Venkatesh

Hi Theo,
I think Jeff has covered the what is Salesforce's plan with Classic part of the question.

I have a few thoughts about the adoption strategy bit. Moving to Lightning, for the reasons that you yourself might question sometimes, at the end of the day is a change. Your users are also making a valid point because, if ain't broke why fix it right? So, sometimes you can foresee the responses your users have to any change you may implement.

The functions and workflows of your users aren't changing but the way your users will be doing them is changing. They know what they need to do but can't find the relevant tab or navigate through the workflow. The admins at these enterprises noticed the point at which their users are feeling lost and created a walkthrough to guide them. 

When you do rollout LEX, or if you already have and need to train people on it, one suggestion I would give for helping with the adoption is contextual training that takes them through the steps in the live environment of Salesforce. This will tell them where exactly they need to go to find what they're looking for. They’ll essentially be learning while actually doing their job. Since it’s real time training, they don’t have to switch back and forth between any documentation/video to learn the workflow. Additionally, once you create these step-by-step walkthroughs, they are auto-converted to downloadable videos, PDFs, slideshows that you can share with them.

They can also always revisit these walkthroughs whenever they’re stuck. This would ensure that they aren’t losing any time trying to figure out/remember what some video/documentation said but instead nudges them in the right direction making them more productive. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, give Whatfix ( a try.

Hope this helps!

Chris KonicekChris Konicek
I just hope the UI of lightning improves before a complete phase out of classic. The navigation of classic was incredibly intuitive and paints a much clearer picture of accounts, opportunities, contacts, etc.. than the jumbled hodge-podge lighning dashboard. I'm a 30 something, technolgoy-adapted individual and even i have difficulty navigating the lightning experience. It's going to be a complete disaster when we have to transition the less "technologically oriented" persons within our organization.