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chintala sfdcchintala sfdc 

Hi all,I have a record in case object ,Now How to know the number of users have read/write permission on this record..( through reports or soql is fine)

Vinay ChaturvediVinay Chaturvedi
Hi Chinatala,
Below link answers your query:

Also,you can do this with SOQL:
SELECT RecordId, UserId ,MaxAccessLevel, HasAllAccess, HasDeleteAccess 
FROM UserRecordAccess 
WHERE  RecordId = 'YYY'
//Where YYYY is the Record Id of the case
//You will get the list of all user Ids over here.
for more details on UserRecordAccess:

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chintala sfdcchintala sfdc
Hi Vinay,
              Form your query iam facing many errors ...

Jeff MayJeff May
@chintala -- the number of users who can access the record will change based on the current Sharing Settings, any Manual Sharing, and the relationship between the Case record owner in the Role Hierarchy.  Since each transaction in Salesforce is really processed by a single user, the more useful question is "can the current user see this record".

For assistance with SOQL, visit the Developer Community ( where you will find the complete SOQL Documentation and many, many sample queries.