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Kelly McHughKelly McHugh 

What is the best way to track call activity in Salesforce? Can you create a dashboard from the activity log?

Jon TreskoJon Tresko
Calls are typically tracked in Activities, using the "Log a Call" button in the Activities related list on Leads, Accts, Contacts, etc.

You can make sure the Call type is used, which can then be used for running a filtered report.

It's also best if you can use a CTI adpapter that will integrate with your phone system and automatically log calls. This can be a pretty big project, unless there's an adapter for your existing phone system.
Johan YuJohan Yu
If your call center agent log all the call into Salesforce activity, you can build report and dashboard from there.

As Jon said, it is good to integrate your salesforce to cti, but it is a big project, depend on the existing phone system and infrastructure.
Brendan ConroyBrendan Conroy
Hi Kelly,

+1 for Jon. For the second part of your question, yes you can create a dashboard showing calls. I'm not sure specifically what you're end goal for that is, but here is a common use case. You could create a task and events, make a filter in the report of "type equals call". If you’re a small enough org, you could technically even do it by name, but that has it’s pros and cons versus my team or by role, but I disgress. Make it either a summary or matrix report (depending on how you like to read data), and then group it by assigned.

Then you can make a dashboard showing how many calls your call services reps made during a period of time that you specify. You could also do it by territory, by another task type like “call with conversation”, etc. I hope that helps.
Patrick HoganPatrick Hogan
Hi Kelly! CTI can help you with this. Tenfold, a third-party CTI solution, has call logging and call analytics. The Tenfold analytics dashboard can be customized to show the data you need.
Maria SundströmMaria Sundström
I definitely suggest tracking calls automatically. In addition to tracking calls, I think you should distinguish between answered/unanswered/inbound/outbound and also measure the call duration. Setting up a report for this in Salesforce is quite easy and you can use the data for improving your sales process and how you work. 

If you are using landlines I think automatic tracking might be tricky but for softphones there are many alternatives for automatic tracking and for mobiles check out Liid (