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Alison BenjaminAlison Benjamin 

Full width single column dashboard


I want to create a dashboard that displays a chart.

I want that chart to take up the full width of the page. 

When I go into Reports > New Dashboard > and enter into the Dashboard builder, I seem only to be able to display charts in 3 columns. Although I can control the width (narrow, medium, wide) this refers to the column width, not the amount of columns present. 

How do I create a Dashboard that has a full-width chart in a singe wide column? 


Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Alison, this is not possible with standard dashboard functionality.  You would have to create a custom VF page to display a one column dashboard.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
+1 Sharif 

The best you can do with the standard Dashboard Builder is create a 2 Column Dashboard (not 3) and do not add any components to the second column.  

Although if you only want to display 1 Chart why do you need a Dashboard in the first place?  Why not just display the 1 Report and Chart?
Alison BenjaminAlison Benjamin
Understood. I ended up sorting a way to make the chart itself simpler. 

thanks All