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What is the best plan to pass Service Cloud Certification in 4 weeks?

Jeff MayJeff May
If you are not a practicing Salesforce Admin on a Service Cloud implementation, you will have to spend most of the 4 weeks using a free Dev Org to build and experiment with the various Service Cloud features to understand how they work together, what they are used for, and the times you would choose to use one feature instead of another.

The Cloud Consultant certifications are very focused on how and why you would advise a client to use different features and how you would configure them for the best result.  It is not just a quick check to make sure you know what a Case is or what an Entitlement is.
sales jobsales job
Thanks Jeff. I am a practicing Salesforce Admin and Implementor. I am looking for exam focused materials.. Any pointers please?
Jeff MayJeff May
Start here:

It has exam outlines, study guides, and suggested training courses
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Thanks Jeff.. Are there any sites which give tips and tricks or plan how to study for Service cloud?
Jeff MayJeff May
I think the Study Guide for the Service Cloud Cert from the link above is the best structured approach to prepping for the exam.  It shows the weights of each section/feature, and references training courses that are helpful.
Muhammad Abrar Ul HaqMuhammad Abrar Ul Haq
+1 Jeff. Salesforce Certification study guide and website is the best place to learn about each salesforce certification. Some references other than salesforce website are:
Phillip SouthernPhillip Southern
abrar and pablo..nice finds on a couple of those sites...havent seen them before.
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Thank you so much folks
Phil WaltonPhil Walton
Some great links there! You should try to make sure you spend some time actually using the Service Cloud, and working with the users and the senior managers that implemented it. These guys are the ones that a Service Cloud Consultant needs to be able to deal with, and so having some experience of that could be invaluable. You may be using it in your company already, if not, see if you can volunteer at a company that does, 4 weeks may give you enough time to find somebody and get your hands dirty. Best of luck!
Neerav PatelNeerav Patel
I am not able to find any matter/questions in the CRAM or Quizlet links, can you please look into this?

Neerav Patel

Bobby BuntinBobby Buntin

This youtube video walks through some good sample questions and explains the correct and incorrect answers.

If you need something a little more substantial, there's a complete video study course with 40 sample questions here.

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Jeff MayJeff May
@kondaiah T - not even close.
vimal Devavimal Deva
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