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Jenny JohnsonJenny Johnson 

Has anyone used the Sandbox to test Salesforce for Outlook before implementing?

We are currently moving poerating systems to Windows7 and Microsoft Office 2010--at this point in time we are using the Connect for Outlook API to help sync Outlook with Salesforce and vice versa. I Have found that with the upgrade to Office 2010 the Connect API will no longer be compatible (since Salesforce does not intend on updating the Connect app), therefore we are going to have to transition to Saleforce for Outlook. I am curious if anyone has done any initial testing on Salesforce for Outlook in their Sandbox environment prior to turining it on the their live Salesforce envrionment? The changover between XP & Win7 could take a month or so, and there could potentially be users who will be using the Connect API while others will be using Salesforce for Outlook--however at this time ALL the users are still on XP & Outlook 2007. As admin I would like to test the Salesforce for Outlook 2010 info in the Sandbox first, as there are features that I need to turn on that are not applicable to the Users current configuration (ie: Unresolved items module), and I would rather not confuse them if I can.  I would like to know if testing this in the Sandbox is even possible, and if there are any success stories out there that I could reference. Any help would be great!
Jeff LockardJeff Lockard
Hi Jenny,
I'm in the process of trying to test Salesforce for Outlook in our Sandbox by adding a configuration and some test accounts, contacts, activities, etc.  I reached the point where I downloaded and installed the client (for lack of a better word) component, but had trouble getting passed the login prompt for the step where I need to configure the "settings".

After several tries (including attempting to add security token), I realized that there is a "Change  URL" button at the top of the login dialog.  Changing the URL to point to my sandbox did the trick.  As I encounter other items that are unique to Salesforce for Outlook in the sandbox, I'll update this post.

Good luck,
Jenny JohnsonJenny Johnson
Thank you for the reply Jeff! Per suggestion from my Salesforce support team I actually just turned it on in our live instance of Salesforce--for the User it doesn't impact much, they just see the Unresolved Items module on the Home page, but if they click on it they do not see any data. When I went through the install process I did see the point where you could change the URL to go to the Sandbox if need be, but I was already in the process of configuring it for the live instance that it was too late to go back. I wish that Salesforce would update the Connect API for MS2010, but that is a pipe dream. I just think Email to Salesforce is so clunky, and it takes a lot more effort from the User to actually add emails to Salesforce. I have yet to get this new process in front of any Users, but I sense there could be some disgruntled reps. Thank you again for the tip! I greatly appreciate your response!