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Ian MccarthyIan Mccarthy 

Adding a stage

Hi All, 

I am in the process of adding a stage called 'Appointment set in store' via 

Opportunity Custom Fields & Relationships

What I want this stage to do:

Once our sales person has selected this stage two new custom fields then become visible;

Appointment date/time - date/time as a field type
Appointment close date - date as a field type

(We do not want these fields to be visible unless the 'Appointment set in store' stage has been selected.)
Also I'd like the two custom fields to be mandatory, they cannot save the opportunity unless the two fields have been completed.

Where I'm getting stuck is making the two custom fields visible only when the stage is selected and at this stage when adding a formula.

Thank you in advance

Linus AnderssonLinus Andersson
What about creating a record type that is a copy of your standard opportunity but with the two additional fields visible. Then you add a workflow that changes record type when stage is 'Appointment set in store'? 

You can then add another workflow that changes back the racord type as soon as stage does not equal 'Appointment set in store'. Does that make sense?

Making the fields mandatory can you do by editing the page layout for the new record type.

Let me know if you need assistance on how to do this in detail.
Subramanyam MeareSubramanyam Meare
i would suggest you to write a validation rule which will not make the field invisible for users but will restrict the user if they try to enter any content in the field   "Appointment date/time - date/time as a field type
Appointment close date - date as a field " if stage is selected as "'Appointment set in store' :-

Have a look at this:-


Profiel name="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
ISPICKVAL( StageName,"Prospecting"),
ISBLANK( Appointment_close_date__c ),
ISBLANK( Appointment_date_time__c ))),

ISBLANK(Appointment_close_date__c ),
ISBLANK(Appointment_date_time__c )))

Remove the profile name from the Validation rule if you would like to apply this validation rule for all users