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Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell 

Chrome/Firefox not remembering SFDC password?

Hi all,

When I used to log in to Salesforce via Chrome, Firefox or IE it would remember my password so I just had to click the login button but quite recently they all stopped doing this, did a bit of Goggling and it seems the site can include some piece of code or a header to tell the browser not to offer to remember the password and I'm guessing this was implemented by SFDC recently, is there anyway around this besides using a 3rd party password manager?



Matt BrownMatt Brown
Navigate to your name>Setup>Administration Setup>Security Controls>Session Settings and make sure that "Enable caching and autocomplete on login page" is checked. 
Niket ChandaneNiket Chandane

 Please check this link 

Please use this application it’s awesome but you need to install chrome on Your machine.  Install the Login application you will not required to store password in the browser.

Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
Thanks matty but I have that enabled already, is Chrome/FF saving your password?

Cheers for the link Niket, don't really trust 3rd party apps/extensions when it comes to work/Salesforce data, says the extension can only access browsing history but can't take any risks these days.
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Yes it is saving for me in Chrome and FF. hmmm.
Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
I tried reinstalling Chrome and clearing all my settings but still no joy, if I login to Gmail it offers to save my password but not after I login to SFDC... odd.
Miro WilmsMiro Wilms

all our users have this problem since summer '11.
"Enable caching and autocomplete on login page" is checked in our org. most of our users are using firefox and they always have to enter their password manually.

isnt there any workaround for this, that enables firefox to store the password again?

thanks a lot!
Bing WangBing Wang
Same problem here!  Used this to solve it temporarily:
However, why doesn't the "Enable caching and autocomplete on login page" setting have any effect?
James BryantJames Bryant
Simple trick, complete solution.

Bookmark your salesforce page as:

Change "qwerty" to your own password.

Change "" to your own salesforce username.

When you go to your bookmarked salesforce page it will now log you in automatically.