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Geri ZerbiniGeri Zerbini 

How can I auto populate the account phone number to the case?

I am looking to save steps for my agents by auto populating the phone number field on my cases page from the account. How can I do this?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
You might be able to do this with either a formula field or a workflow rule (WFR only if you are on EE or UE) 
If you go the Formula route here's a simple one you can use:

Datatype:  Formula
Result:  Text
Formula:  Account.Phone

Steve MolisSteve Molis
- Also, if you add Phone to the Lookup Dialogs layout in the Account Search options.  The Account Phone will appear when the user mouses over the Account name link on the Case detail page (zero coding involved)

Customizing Search Layouts

Available in: All Editions

User Permissions Needed
To change search layouts:“Customize Application”

Customize which fields display for users in search results, search filter fields, lookup dialogs, the recent records lists on tab home pages, and in lookup phone dialogs for Salesforce CRM Call Center. You can specify a different set of fields to show in each search layout. The settings apply to all users in your organization and Salesforce Customer Portal.

Additionally, customize which buttons display in custom list views and search results. You can hide a standard list view button or display a custom button. Standard buttons are not available on search result layouts. To display a custom button, create the custom button and give it a “List Button” Display Type.

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize, select the appropriate activity or tab link, and choose the Search Layouts link.
  2. Click Edit next to the layout you want to customize. You can specify a different set of items to display for search results, lookup dialogs, recent records lists on tab home pages, lookup phone dialogs, list views, and search filter fields.
  3. For list view and search results layouts, select any standard or custom buttons you want to display. To hide a standard button on the list view, deselect it. Standard buttons are not available on search result layouts.
  4. Use the arrows to add or remove items from the layout, and to define the order in which the fields should display. To select more than one item, use CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple items in a range.
    • Select one or more items in the available list and click Add to add them to the layout.
    • Select one or more items in the selected list and click Remove to remove them from the layout.
    • Select one or more items in the selected list and click Up to move them higher in the list.
    • Select one or more items in the selected list and click Down to move them lower in the list.
    When editing a search results layout for an object, you can select the Override the search result column customizations for all users checkbox. If selected, all user column customizations within your organization will be overwritten and set to the organization-wide default settings.
  5. Click Save.

Notes on Search Layouts

  • Search layouts do not apply to Salesforce CRM Content. To search for files and Web links in Salesforce CRM Content, see Searching for Content.
  • Search layouts do not apply to campaign members.
  • The search layout does not determine which fields are searched for keyword matches. See Search Fields for a list of which fields are searched.
  • You can add up to 10 fields to each search layout.
  • You cannot remove unique identifying fields, such as Account Name or Case Number, from the search layouts. These fields must be listed first in the order of fields in the search layout.
  • You cannot add long text fields such as Description, Solution Details, or custom long text area fields to search layouts.
  • All fields are available to be added to the search layout even if some fields are normally hidden for the user customizing the search layout.
  • For Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Edition organizations, search layouts do not override field-level security. If a field is included in the search layout but hidden for some users via field-level security, those users do not see that field in their search results.
  • For Personal, Contact Manager, Group, and Professional Edition organizations, search layouts override page layout settings. If a field is included in the search layout but hidden in the page layout, that field will be visible in search results.
  • The search results layouts for leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities also apply to the search results displayed when finding duplicate leads.
  • Formula fields are not available in search result layouts.
  • Do not remove the Phone field from any lookup phone dialogs search layout. If you do so, users will not be able to use the directory search results to enter a phone number into a SoftPhone dial pad.
  • To add a custom button to a list view or search layout, create the custom button for a standard or custom object, giving it the “List Button” Display Type. The custom button will be available in the list view and search result layouts for that object.
In account search results, you can visually differentiate business accounts from person accounts by adding the Is Person Account field, which displays as the person account icon (Person Account Icon).

You may specify the Is Person Account field as the first column in account search layouts. Otherwise, Account Name must be the first column.

For more information, see What is a Person Account?.

Geri ZerbiniGeri Zerbini
I am using Pro so workflow did not work for me.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
You should still be a ble to use a Formula field or a Lookup Dialog then