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Austin LytleAustin Lytle 

How can I randomly assign leads to users?

I KNOW that the info below tells me how. Unfortunetly it wasn't quite specific enough and still is not working. I need more step-by-step instructions. Anyone know how to properly set up round robin?

To assign leads (or cases) that are either manually created or created using Web to Lead (or Case). Follow the instructions below:

The first steps for lead or case assignment is to create two custom fields that can be included in the page layouts for users or hidden as they are strictly for the assignment mechanism based on the custom formula. The instructions below assume the setup is for leads.

1. Create an auto number field in leads called "Lead Number" that spans 0 decimal places and had the format "{0}".

2. Create a custom formula field in leads called "Round_Robin_ID" and use the formula "MOD(VALUE({!Lead_Number__c}) ,3) +1".

Explanation of the process:
The following formula example for leads assumes you have 3 lead queues and you want to assign an equal number of incoming leads to each queue. You can also assign cases using a similar formula.

MOD(VALUE({!Lead_Number__c}) ,3) +1 is the formula for a custom formula field named Round_Robin_ID that assigns each lead a value of 0, 1, or 2. This formula uses a custom auto-number field called Lead Number that assigns each lead a sequential number starting with 1. The MOD function divides the lead number by the number of lead queues available (3 in this example) and returns a remainder of 1, 2, or 3. Use the value of this formula field in your lead assignment rules to assign lead records to different queues or users. For example: 

Round_Robin_ID = 1 is assigned to Queue A (User 1)
Round_Robin_ID = 2 is assigned to Queue B (User 2)
Round_Robin_ID = 3 is assigned to Queue C (User 3)

Rajith MedaganiRajith Medagani

The logic of the approach sounds good for me,

Did you see if you have checked the Select by default in the Properties of the page layout edit page. So that the Assignement rule is applied for the lead.

1- Login YourName/Setup

2-Under App Setup, Click on Customize/Leads

3-Under Leads select Page Layouts

4- On the Page Layout, Click on Layout Properties

5-Check the Checkbox "Select by Default" and Click OK and then Save.

If not you have select the check box in the optional section on the edit page lay out so that the assignment rules are applied.