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Sarah AgerSarah Ager 

Is there a way to track lead conversion rates in Salesforce?

Is there a way to track leads not just through to opportunities but to closed/won business, so that you can easily get a handle on conversion rates?
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Yes. A Lead with Converted lead information. I have one that shows the Won ratio by Amount from Converted leads and what the Lead rating was.

Use a matrix report.

 Rating WONNot CheckedCheckedContact: AccountContact NameConvertedLead SourceLead StatusOpportunity NameSales Stage
HOTSum of Opportunity Amount
Record Count
  Opportunity Amount
  SchoolJane CheckedWebConvertedSchool-(D) Power Sponsor Qualification
Gary SmithGary Smith
It's probably 6 years too late for Sarah but I published a blog post on this very topic earlier today. It's called 7 Lead Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking (But Probably Aren't). It explains how to measure the outcome of converted leads in different way. This includes tracking the contribution of opportunities from converted leads compared to opportunities created directly on the Account. Sarah, if you're stll involved with salesforce, this is for you (http://​