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Jennifer AdamsJennifer Adams 

Administration Essentials 211 vs 201

The search by "Instructor Led Courses" or the "Certification" courses do not reference the Admin Essestials for Experienced Admin 211 course, yet it is available in select cities.  Those searches do list 201.  Can you share any insight to the inconsisency.  Can certificaiton be taken if only 211 was completed? Thank you.
Andrew GrossAndrew Gross
Hi Jenn - I'm not sure about the 211 course, but you can certainly take the test without taking that class.  You can take the test without taking any class, although classes are a good way to ramp up for the tests.

Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont

t must be a recent change. I was looking at courses recently and the "old" courses were listed. 201 is the only course (or equivalent knowledge) needed to pass the Certified Admin exam. 211 is the equivalent of Admin 301, which is/was required (or equivalent knowledge) for the Certified Advanced Administrator exam.
Jennifer AdamsJennifer Adams
Thank you for the feedback Andrew and Pierre, I appreciate it.
Charmaine RhuleCharmaine Rhule
The URL link does not exist..
Charmaine RhuleCharmaine Rhule
Yes, your course is the old Admin 301. If you have also good commerical experience then it is achieveable.