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Lorraine AllinghamLorraine Allingham 

Salesforce slow .. just in ie

I have 1 user who is experiencing slowness in Salesforce.
15 secs sometimes to go from contacts to opportunities screen, for instance.
xp sp3
2gb of ram
all windows patchs

Performance is better with Firefox, but user prefers IE8.

Here is what I haved tried :

I have disabled AV and Windows Defender.
Run IE8 with no Plug Ins enabled.
Deleted all temp internet files.
Uninstalled and reinstalled IE8.
Changed to various dns servers as a test.
Firebug tells me it is waiting for a response from the salesforce server.
This user's account runs fine from other PCs.
When the user takes their PC home, it still runs slow.

So, it seems to be just IE (Firefox runs OK) on this particular PC.
All other websites respond just fine.
Any troubleshooting ideas appreciated.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 What is the CPU of the computer?  
I would check the IE 8.x browser settings against the SFDC recommendations
or switch to Google Chrome!