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Piotr ZagdanskiPiotr Zagdanski 

Can You extend track history limit beyond 20 fields?

Currently, when You're setting up track history, You can select only 20 fields.

It's pretty artificial limit, because You can add triggers to make your own tracking beyond any limitations. Though assuming I wanted to use "standard way" - is there a way to disable this limit?
Subramanyam MeareSubramanyam Meare
Are you wiling to Remove the History tracking for Some field existing in the Database? If so,G0--Setup--Customize/Create---Select object ----fields---Click on History Tracking button---Uncheck the Checkbox beside to Field which you want to remove from History tracking.

If you are willing to increase the limit then you could contact your Salesforce Account executive to increase the limit.
Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi
This is the Limit (20 for all editions) specified by Salesforce and it cannot be changed using native functionality but you may check with Salesforce support.
Disha BhagchandaniDisha Bhagchandani
Hi Piotr,

Check Ultra FieldHistory Tracker app on appExchange, this application shall fulfill your business needs.
Ultra FieldHistory Tracker provides an advanced field history tracking in beyond the standard limits.

Salient Features include:
o    Track Unlimited number of fields per objects be it Standard or Custom. 
o    Track Unlimited number of objects Standard / Custom.
o    Respects your organization sharing model.
o    No obligation on time frame when data was captured, you can even report on data. 
o    Export data for analysis in pdf and Excel format.
o    Quick filters allow you to quickly locate relevant data.
o     Excellent tool especially for domains that require history tracking for long durations(e.g. Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare. Real Estate, Education etc. 
o    Sophisticated search engine to filter out auditing information
o     Slice and dice audited data based on business criticality
o    Report on audited data through native Salesforce reporting
o     Secure your audited data using AES Encryption

Here is the link to Ultra FieldHistory Tracker on appExchange:

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