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Sean De FrySean De Fry 

Can anyone suggest a good Salesforce dedupe/data validation tool?

Hi there,

I am in the middle of executing a significant data migration for our business. Around 700,000 records with 20 years of history. One of the main issues we have had in the past is dupes (we have around 60000 in the system) and we are looking for a good deduping app which will be both economical and efficient. We are a 130 licence organisation.

Can anyone make any recommendations on tools you have used that have worked well?

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Meryl FlynnMeryl Flynn
Demand tools is very good, and highly recommended:

Or, if you want to try something free you could try Dupecatcher:

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Meryl FlynnMeryl Flynn
Demand tools is very good, and highly recommended:

Or, if you want to try something free you could try Dupecatcher:
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Sean De FrySean De Fry
Thanks Miss Meryl. I am always a bit suspicious of freeware tools but wil give Dupecatcher a try. Do you recommend Demand Tools as your first preference?
Haribabu AmudalapalliHaribabu Amudalapalli
Hai Sean,

    Dupe Catcher  works to stop inserting the New Duplicate records, in the case of Previous records it can't do anything on data,if you want we can go for Merging,

   Merging Supports,

Try to use merging to eliminate prevoius duplicate records.
Haribabu Amudalapalli
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
+10 for everything Meryl said. 

Don't be hesitant, it's a fantastic free tool for preventing duplicates from being entered in the system in real time, by your users. However, it won't help you in your 700K records scenario because it doesn't support bulk de-duping.

Check out PeopleImport, by the same company that makes DemandTools:
John KosturosJohn Kosturos
RingLead is the only app I know of that actually prevents duplicates. They can prevent a dupe web form, list upload, or manual entry before it's actually saved as a new record. They can add the pre existing record to a campaign or update a field value to trigger content or other communication. All the apps mentioned above create dupes and then delete them. This causes a potential issue if your org utilizes workflows on new lead creation.

CRM Fusion and RingLead both have world class data cleanse applications for merging pre existing data.  I hear RingLead is coming out with a new version of their data cleanse that will allow users to merge records from multiple systems!!! ERP's, Marketing Automation, etc.

You can trial all of their apps too:

Full Suite:
Data Cleanse:
Web to Lead:
Manual Entry:
List Uploads:
srikant vsrikant v
You can try TIBCO Clarity for free. It provides fuzzy matching service for de-duplication.

TIBCO  Clarity is the data cleaning  and standardization component of the TIBCO  Software System. It serves  as a single solution for business users to  handle massive messy data  across various sources,  applications and  systems, such as database,  cloud storage, TIBCO Jaspersoft, Spotfire,  ActiveSpaces,  MDM, Marketo  and Salesforce. TIBCO® Clarity makes it easy  for business users to  profile, validate, dedup, address cleansing,  standardize, transform,  and visualize data so that trends can be  identified and smart decisions  can be made quickly. TIBCO Clarity  provides both on cloud version and  enterprise edition version.

TIBCO Clarity Overview/features:

TIBCO Clarity over 40 demo videos(Watch me!):

This a very popular And powerful tool for data cleansing and de-duplication
Steven WagnerSteven Wagner
CRM Refresh ( - is a new tool for Salesforce. It validates all your leads and/or contacts and can fix or find the replacement person in Salesforce.

You can use CRM Refresh to cleanse Salesforce by:
  • Email validation
  • Phone validation
  • Title validation
  • Email append
  • Phone append
  • Title append
CRM Refresh ( also recgonizes duplicates so you can merge or remove those as well.

It uses maching learning from roughly 1,200 email service providers and phone companies to validate your leads and contacts are still valid.

The handy dashboard allows you to track your CRM freshness and accuracy. Sales reps report saving 2.5 hours a week by eliminating wasted email and phone activity. Sales and Marketing teams show a 12-18% increase in contact accuracy within 30 days.

You can try for free.
Ipsita MohapatraIpsita Mohapatra
Can anyone suggest a tool that can fix existing duplicates in Account, Contact and Leads? 
Damien AchesonDamien Acheson
Hi Sean and Ipsita - All the aforementioned are excellent rules-driven tools. You may also want to consider this AI-driven solution: (
John KosturosJohn Kosturos
RingLead is the best cloud-based dedupe tool. It allows users to fully customize logic and merge rules. It also does cross table lead to contact and lead to account cleanup & linking. Lastly, RingLead also works with custom objects. If you would like more info, please let me know.