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Robert WilliamsRobert Williams 

Attachments - Custom Fields/naming

Does anyone know how to create a menu for different attachment types in salesforce.

I want to have each attachment fall into one of several categories:

Non Discosures

THanks for any insights yo can provide
Bhushan PVBhushan PV
Hi Robert!
where are you uploading this attachments? at Acount, Contact or Oppty level? 
If you are talking about uploading the attachments for a specific business unit, then follow the steps below:
Step 1: You can use the Salesforce LIbraries and create multiple categories. 
Step 2: Create a public group called "Libraries Users"
Step 3: Add the users who wants access to this Libraries group
Step 4: Enable "Salesforce CRM Content User" permission to all these users.
You are good to go :)

Please let me know if this solution works for your situation.

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