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Jeffrey McKayJeffrey McKay 

salesforce for outlook wont sync Id parameter

an unexpected sync error occurred.  review the appropriate log for details.  id length is not of valid length Parameter name: id
Johan YuJohan Yu
can you post a screenshot of error?
Cynthia LeonardCynthia Leonard
I just got the same error message. See below...outlook sync problem - id too long
Johan YuJohan Yu
I never get this issue so far with my users.
try log case to salesforce support
Erin WentworthErin Wentworth
I have one user getting the same error message.  Did anyone get their issue resolved?
Mario SaucedoMario Saucedo
Fixed it !!
I had the same error with one of my users. Need to assign the user to Outlook Configuration. I did the following to fix the issue.
Administration Setup > Outlook Configuration > In the Assign Users and Profiles assign the user and that should fix the error. It worked for me so I hope it will work for others.
Johan YuJohan Yu
Mario, thanks for sharing.
Jim BartekJim Bartek
I had some users running into this issue as well and seeing errors on both the Task oand/or Event syncing.  It turns out it is primarily a sync database corruption issue. It can either be corrupt on the users computer or corrupt in Salesforce.  One method of fixing is putting the affected user in a new Outlook Config just for them. this creates a clean sycn database in Salesforce. The other method (which I believe should be tried FIRST) is to exit Outlook and Salesforce for Outlook, then rename the sync DB to DB_OLD or whatever, start outlook, wait until it's fully loaded and then re-start Salesforce for Outlook and log back in.  If that fails then creating a new Config in Salesforce would be helpful.

Here is what Salesforce support did:
We have successfully fixed the issue.

So just a recap what we have discussed over the GTM session.

- we uninstall old version - 2.9.3
- install latest version - 3.0
- install .net framework
- save sync
- syc successfully

I am also attaching a link please refer them as well.

Link -

We have again getting another error message.

So what we have done.

- Close both Outlook and the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in. To close the plug-in right click on the icon in your system tray and select 'Exit'.
- Click start and type %appdata% in Search Bar.
- Select folder.
- Select Salesforce for Outlook folder.
- Right click on DB folder and rename it example: DB old.
- Open Outlook and wait until it loads up.
- Open Salesforce for Outlook plug-in.
- You'll receive a prompt to sign in with your Salesforce Username and password, if not follow next step.
- If you do not receive a prompt to sign in, right click on Salesforce for Outlook system tray icon, select settings -and you will receive a prompt to sign in. Enter the Login credentials and click on Login to Salesforce.
- Click Allow.
- Click Next and check the sync folders.
- Select the type of sync method i.e. Manual / Automatic and click Next.
- Select the kinds of private items you want to sync and click next.
- Click Save and click ok.

I am also attaching a link please refer them as well.

Link -