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Rabindranath BeheraRabindranath Behera 

Dev - 401 Dumps

HI Friends,
I am planning to take Dev - 401 certification test.
Please share any / all dumps u have. Share the links or mail me @

-- Thanks in advance --
Nik PanterNik Panter
And by brain dump, you mean study materials people have used for the exam and not actual 'dumps' of the questions, which are completely against the agreement we all clicked ok to prior to writing the exam, right? I truly hope you meant study site, which would be welcomed and not an illegal cheating site.
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari

You will get many post similar to your's -

Pls see them you will get some here there.

and if you have any ques related to developer, you can post in developer forum -

Manh NguyenManh Nguyen
Hi friends,
I have a question in 401 dumps, Can you help me a explain ?

  In Master-Detail relationship scenario the fields of the parent object need to be displayed in the related list. How will a developer design this?
A. Cross-object formula field
B. Workflow rule
C. Validation rule
D. Assignment rule
Hari KrishnanHari Krishnan
In my opinion, you can get the certification if you go through the resources rather than the dumps. I recently passed the Certified Developer certification and blogged about my experience here: I also have the tutorial from the premier catalog courses for which you can find the links in the above blog post. Hope this will be helpful for all.
vimal Devavimal Deva
I do have dumps for Admin , Developer I , Sales Consultant,App Builder  and Service Consultant.
So Please free to reach me at
Rana DRana D
Hi, I have all latest dumps of salesforce for all types of salesforce exams updated on Sep 06 2017 if anyone wants you can mail me at 

ADM-201 Administration Essentials for New Admins 
ADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin
DEV-401 Building Applications with and Visualforce
DEV-501 Certified Advanced Developer
Sales-Cloud-Consultant Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
Immediately i will sent dumps latest one,which helps you to pass