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Caitlin QuarryCaitlin Quarry 

What permissions do I need to convert a Lead to an Opportunity?

Just looking to see what specific permissions are required to allow people in my organization to convert a Lead to an Opportunity, regardless of who owns the Lead.

So far I've received the message saying "Insufficient Privileges" when others have tried to convert Leads.

Karanraj SankaranarayananKaranraj Sankaranarayanan
Hello Stephanie,

To convert the Lead, the user must have following permissions
User PermissionsNeeded
To convert leads: “Create” and “Edit” on leads, accounts,contacts, and opportunities


“Convert Leads”


“Read” on any related campaigns

Caitlin QuarryCaitlin Quarry
Changed the permissions to include "Create" and "Edit" on Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, and "Convert Leads" and "Read" on any related campaign.

Now I'm getting THIS error message:
Record type unavailable
Cannot find default record type of the appropriate type.

Cesar TicasCesar Ticas
Hello Stephanie,

I would check the profile of the user that is getting the error.  Check the record types on the profile for the Account, Opportunity, or Contact object ... sounds like the user might not have the record type that is being used as the default record type when creating the Account, Opportunity or Contact.
umut okcuumut okcu
Check the profile that u receive error. make sure that To convert the Lead, the user must have following permissions. Make sure that “Create” and “Edit” on leads, accounts,contacts, and opportunities AND “Convert Leads”  AND “Read” on any related campaigns.
Jennifer Robinson CafieroJennifer Robinson Cafiero
Note: Convert Leads is found under the App Permissions section of a permission set.
raj kiranraj kiran
I also face the same issue, however i have added covert lead permission to error ocurring profiles as well as admin too.

Does the anybody have any idea what will be default record type during the lead conversition ? as when i tried to replicate the scenario in one of my developer edition, the account objects is not associated with any record types. however the error generated account has couple of record types associated with account object.
when i added the new record types to developer edition(my own)  i faced the same error. on disabling those record types the conversion was sucessful. So i kind of applied the same process to client edition , the error remians the same !!

Plese let me know if there is any ways i can shoot this error !!
Carmel ChallengerCarmel Challenger
hi there - did you ever get the answer to your questions. One of my users I having the same problem.  I've double checked that they have permission to:
- "Create" & "Edit "on Leads, Accounts, Contact, Opportunities and are able to "covnert leads" is checked

Still not working and I can't seem to find "related campaigns" anywhere.  Help please.
Kyle PetersKyle Peters
Lifted from another discussion (

Your Name > Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > Edit the Profile that user has.

Under General User Permissions, verify that Convert Leads is checked (left column, a few down).
In the Enhanced User Profile Interface, the checkbox is under the App Permissions section.\

#2 solved it for me