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Ben LesemBen Lesem 

add items to a picklist field

 I have a custom field that is a picklist type.  I have 5 values in it currently and want to add another value.  When I go into edit the field there is no where to change the values.  I can edit the values that I already have or change the Default selection but I can't add new values.  Please help.  Thanks!
Ben LesemBen Lesem
 Found this answer on the site and it worked...


Simply navigate to the Record Types section of the Object in question under the Customize menu. For example, if you want to change the picklist values for certain Case record types, navigate to App Serup:Customize:Cases:Record Types, select the record type that you want to make changes in and all the available picklists for that record type will be deplayed. Click the Edit button for the picklist that you want to make changes in.