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Jamila JoshiJamila Joshi 

Formula to calculate total Invoices amount

How do i create a formula to add up the total amounts on multiple invoices raised against one Purchase order.


I have PO1 of amount 25000

An invoice IN1 is raised for PO1 amounting to 5000
another invoice IN2 is raised for PO1 amounting to 12000
and another invoice IN3 is raised for PO1 amounting to 10000

How can i have a field that will give me the summation of invoice amounts till that date and the balance left against a particular PO?
Other than formula fields do i have to specify some relationship between the objects PO and Invoice?
John KokkelmansJohn Kokkelmans
 Make sure you have a master-detail relationship between PO and Invoice, create a Roll-up summary field on the PO which will give you the invoice amounts. You can even filter the summary field on the invoice status (approved or payed) to have only certain invoices added.

With a formula field called Balance on the PO you can then calculate the remaining budget left on your PO (PO Amount - Summary Amounts).

Hope this helps.

John Kokkelmans
Jamila JoshiJamila Joshi
Thanks a million ...This should work....I will certainly try