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Changing Report Type Permissions

When trying to view certain reports in the dashboards users are getting the following error:

"Error: The source report is based on a report type that is inaccessible to the dashboard's running user."

These reports are based on the 'Quotes with Quote Line Items' report type and the user profile in question has access to see both quotes and quote line items through field level security.

I can't seem to find where to set the report type permissions though?

Brad GrossBrad Gross
 Is the report in a folder that they do not have access to...
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Check to make sure the report itself is saved into a folder that the users have access to. 

Also, if you're using a Custom Report Type for the report, make sure it's 'Deployed' and not still marked 'In Development'.
Salesforce AdminSalesforce Admin
 The report is in a folder that is accessible to all users and the report type is not a custom one it is the generic Quote and Quote Line Items type.
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Hrm. What is the running user's profile? Standard or custom? Could it be that they don't have access to the data?

Can the person with that profile navigate to the report and view it that way?
Andreas PapapavlouAndreas Papapavlou
 gellis if the case is not what ImpStout and Matthew mentioned, then the only thing i can come up with is speciffc filed permissions. If field for example "Total Amount" has a visibiltiy permision (hide, View, Edit) then the user that can not see that field which is inlcuded in the report the you see that error. the setting is called "View Field Accessibility" under a standard oject.

I hope that made sense. i can give you more instructions if you want
Salesforce AdminSalesforce Admin
 Thanks for all of the suggestions.

Matthew - the running user profile is a custom one, but I have checked the profile thoroughly and they have access to the data. They can navigate to the report in the folder but when they try to select it they get the following error message:
Insufficient Privileges
You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. 

ppapas - I have checked the fields in a report that they can't see and all of them are set to be visible to every profile.

Do you have any other suggestions for what it could be?

Is there a setting I am missing in the profile?
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Spooky. Reports don't have permissions by themselves, the inherit visibility from the folder they're in. Try opening up the report, and Save As to the same folder with a new name, and then also Save As into a new folder. See if the user can get to either one of those.

Failing both of those, have the user recreate the exact same report from scratch, see if you run into problems with that. If they can recreate the report, then try using that report to feed your dashboard.

Failing all of that, it's support case time...
Salesforce AdminSalesforce Admin
 I noticed that when I login as the user and try to create the report they don't have the 'Opportunities with Quotes an Quote Line Items' report type that the report is based on.

How do I give them access to this as they have access to all the fields in Quotes and Quote Line Items ?
Meeta GulatiMeeta Gulati
I se this is still now answered..... i have the same problem for a custom report type which is deployed but not vailable..any clues ?
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Does the user actually have access, at least Read access, to the Quote object on their profile?
Meeta GulatiMeeta Gulati
My object is not quote but user, the fields in report are UserName and another custome field and a chart thats all.....I saw the help pointing to the same thing ....but still troubleshooting....
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Meeta - It would be best to start your own thread for this question.
ParkForce AdminParkForce Admin
All, one of the problems for those of us using (salesforce platform) licences, is that dashboards created with the Salesforce license - which convinently is typically used for the admin account - are NOT visibile to licenses.

There's exactly 1 spot in the documentation which describes this limitation.... and only appeared after I had pulled out 99.95% of my hair trying to figure this one out.
Chen CohenChen Cohen
Try at the User Profile to add "Manage Custom Report Types"...
It help me with the same problem.
Fabiano FerreiraFabiano Ferreira
Thank you @Chen Cohen. It works.
Okey IhekweazuOkey Ihekweazu
Hi Fabiono. I know this may be coming a bit late. Please verify that the custom report types you are using are deployed. If you don't deploy them, then users will not have access to them. You don't need to give users  "Manage Custom Reports Types". permission
Martin KeatingMartin Keating
Awesome. Thanks, Matthew and Okey. I had the same issue and found a custom report was created and wasn't set to deployed. It also had the same name as a standard report, but that is a different issue :)
Joe HackingJoe Hacking
Just FYI--I had the same issue, with users getting the "Insufficient Privelages" error when trying to access a report created off of a Custom Report Type, and despite opening up the custom object to the Profiles of the users, the only thing that solved it was to check off the "Manage Customer Report Types" permission.  

Unfortunately, doing this automatically checks off the Setup and Configuration permission.  Is there another way to allow users to see Custom Reports without letting them view Setup and Configuration?  Does it matter?
Admin BVLAdmin BVL
Where is "Manage Custom Report Types" defined?
Joe HackingJoe Hacking
Admin BVL,
"Manage Custom Report Types" is under the Administrative Permissions section on the Profile definition page.  But again, it's not an ideal solution, but it can solve the problem short term until you can figure it out.

Admin BVLAdmin BVL
Thank you Joe. I found it.