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Rachael JerniganRachael Jernigan 

Merging contacts

I went to the Merge Contacts button, selected the contacts to merge, and then chose the contact to keep, but after that there is no final "merge" button. How do I finish the process of merging the contacts? Thanks!
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Can you post a screenshot, there should be a button in the upper right and lower right sections of the screen.  
Are you the owner of both Contact records or above the Contact Owner in the Role Hierarchy on your SFDC Org?
Matt BrownMatt Brown
When you Merge Contacts you select what information will win in the merge between the 2 or 3 Contacts you will merge and then select the Merge button.
Rachael JerniganRachael Jernigan
There is no Merge button at all. I am the owner of all of the contacts, and I am the only user. I tried reading the link, but without the Merge button I can't get the contacts to join.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Can you post a screenshot?  
Did you check your profile to make sure that you have the required permissions (Delete Contacts) on your User Profile?