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Data Loader Error: Number of records should be less than or equal to 10001

I'm attempting to upload a simple field update to a custom object via the Data Loader. The CSV file has ~50k records. When using the most recent version of the Data Loader (28.0.1), which I have installed on one machine, I receive the following error:

CSV Error: Invalid CSV file format. Please select a different file. com.sforce.async.CSVreader$CSVParseException: Exceeded number of records : 10002. Number of recorsd should be less than or equal to 10001.

However, I am able to successfully complete the upload with the exact same file using an older version of Data Loader (25.0.1). The settings for each version of the Data Loader are identical. Any ideas on what could be causing the issue?
Ray RuddRay Rudd
I have the same error.  I have updated up to 500,000 Records with old versions of Data Loader.  Why would they limit the number to such a small number of Records?
Andy HunterAndy Hunter
I was hitting this same issue in the Apex Data Loader 28.0.1. I just upgraded to 28.0.2 and the issue disappeared.

I guess this was either a problem with my old "" file (which might have been carried over from my Data Loader 27 install) or, more likely, a bug in 28.0.1.