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Hector dbHector db 

csv file 10000 rows limit

I'm trying to import to Leads object a csv file that has 125,000 rows using DataLoader and I get a message saying that the 10,000 row limit is reached so the file cannot be uploaded.

How can I overcome this row limit?

Note: The problem is not the number of records, I can upload thousand of them. The problem is the number of rows in the csv file.
Bill GreenhawBill Greenhaw
Can you please post the exact error message you receive?

Also, under settings do you have Bulk API enabled?
Hector dbHector db
I get the error message below either Bulk API is enabled or disabled:

Data Selection Error
CSV Error: Invalid CSV file format. Please select a different$CSVParseException: Exceeded number of records : 10002. Number of records should be less than or equal to 10001
Hector dbHector db
I tested it in the Developer and Unlimited edition
Andy HunterAndy Hunter
I was hitting this same issue in the Apex Data Loader 28.0.1. I just upgraded to 28.0.2 and the issue disappeared.

I guess this was either a problem with my old "" file (which might have been carried over from my Data Loader 27 install) or, more likely, a bug in 28.0.1.