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Maidy TanMaidy Tan


One of our existing users has moved into a new office and was issued a new laptop. Since then, each time she logs into she is prompted with

"You have attempted to access a page that requires a login. If you are already a user of the system, please login below."

She will then reset her password and from the instructions of the email is able to log into the application. When she logs out and attempts to log back in again, the login authentication issue is again displayed and she will have to do the reset password again.

Is there something we are overlooking here that is causing the issue? There are no failed records in her login history.

Thanks for the anticipated assistance.

Kind regards,
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
I would suggest to clear cookies and history... and try...
Maidy TanMaidy Tan
Hi Sunil,

We tried that but it would still circle the user back to the login page even when the correct ID and password were entered. Aparently, another user of ours who also moved to a different office had the same issue and after sometime just sorted itself out.

Is there something else that you think could have caused this? It's almost like is unable to recognize and authenticate a user's new IP address properly for a period.

Thanks and regards,
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
Hi Maidy,

Let us try this way. Go to login history of user and copy the IP address and add this IP to the trusted IP address list. Now ask your user to login again to see if it allows.

Also what do you see in the login history of the user?

Maidy TanMaidy Tan
Hi Sunil,

Thanks, it seemed to have worked as confirmed by our user.

Strangely, the log was displaying invalid password for the initial attempt (my user has confirmed that she entered the correct username/password combination). She then resets her own password and logs back in successfully. The same issue happened with another user of ours. The common denominatior for both users is that they were both relocated to 2 different new offices - changing their IP address. Both IP addresses are outside our usual network. Could that have been the issue?

Thanks again.
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari

If your user is trying to login from untrusted network then login history should say -

Failed: Computer activation required

if user is trying to login to sfdc using using API then it should give message -

Failed: API security token required

If password is not entered correctly then login history should say -

Invalid Password

I wonder why is it giving 'Invalid Password' in log even they are providing correct password. Do they have any software installed in their laptop which clears daily cookies from their system? If this is the case then it should ask computer activation message and send verification code when they try to login from new IP.

David ZeltserDavid Zeltser
no idea