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Doug HoldhusenDoug Holdhusen 

Mobile Password Reset

I cannot remember my Mobile password for my Blackberry. Clicking on the App takes me to the Password screen with no option for "forgot my password". I have 3 attempts remaining and hesitate to continue trying. How can I retrieve/reset my Blackberry Mobile App password?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 For security purposes, Salesforce never has access to a user's password or passcode.

With respect to Salesforce Mobile / Mobile Lite, there are TWO areas that require either a password or a passcode. Initial Salesforce Mobile activation requires a user's Salesforce username and passWORD.  Once activation (data download) completes, the user will be prompted to create their mobile passCODE which is then used for subsequent access of the mobile application.  The mobile passcode is independent of the user's server password and will persist across server (web-site) password changes.

If a user has forgotten their mobile passCODE, it cannot be reset.  The user will have to deactivate / reactivate Salesforce Mobile and then will have the opportunity to recreate.  To initiate this process: 

BlackBerry:  From the passCODE entry screen, scroll to the bottom and click on the DEACTIVATE button.  Then follow the on screen messaging to erase and reload the device local Salesforce data.

iPhone:  Remove and then reinstall the Salesforce Mobile application from the AppStore.

A deactivation can also be initiated by the Salesforce administration via the ERASE DATA button on the Users and Devices screen under Setup | Administration Setup | Mobile Administration | Salesforce Mobile | Users and Devices.

***NOTE:  Mobile passCODE has been implemented for the BlackBerry and iPhone clients only and does NOT apply to the Windows Mobile client.